Chaotic Creation

"Poetry is ultimately mythology, the telling of stories of the soul." ~ Kunitz

27 December
North Carolina, United States
chaotic creation
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anthropology, archaeology, bones, books, buffy the vampire slayer, captain jack sparrow, carolina hurricanes, castiel, cats, celtic music, celtic mythology, chocolate, creative writing, creativity, david weber, dean winchester, dollhouse, fan fiction, fanfic, fantasy, fiction, firefly, folklore, gemstones, goddess, herbs, heroes, highlander, hockey, horseback riding, horses, how-i-met-your-mother, jewelry, john winchester, joss whedon, leverage, libraries, lord of the rings, lost, magnificent 7, maps, movies, music, mythology, nano, nanowrimo, paganism, parenting, photography, pirates of the caribbean, plot twists, plots, plotting, poetry, prose, pushing daisies, reading, role-playing games, ruby, sam winchester, scenes, science fiction, sentinel, sf, sg1, slash, soundtracks, starbucks, stargate, stories, supernatural, swords, sylum clan, tea, thunderstorms, urban fantasy, vampires, veronica mars, wicca, wire wrapping, wirework, worldbuilding, writers, writing, x-men, xena, yoga
37. Married. Creative Jewelry. Writer. Web designer. Librarian. 1 child, 2 cats, assorted squirrels and birds.

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